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EdgeTX Partnership Program

The EdgeTX team believes that a close relationship between R/C radio manufacturers and R/C software developers is important for the success of R/C products and ultimately leads to greater satisfaction by the end-users. In order to establish close (but neutral) working relationships with R/C radio manufacturers, EdgeTX has established a partnership program.

By participating in this program, the R/C radio manufacturers are helping support the volunteer developers that are donating their time to create EdgeTX. The monetary and hardware donations that are provided will help ensure that the core developers are equipped with the needed equipment needed to support their radios as well as help sustain the online build system that will provide the end-users, the ability to get the most up to date software for their radios at any time.

Benefits of the partnership program:

Requirements for manufacturers:

Additional important information:

The partnership program is intended to be a mutually beneficial collaboration between the R/C radio manufacturers and the software developers and should not be confused with a legal partnership.

Participating in the partnership program does not give the R/C radio manufacturer any legal stake, ownership, or management rights in the EdgeTX project.

Partners may request the development of new features or support for new platforms, however, there is no implied “right” to said features. The end decision on EdgeTX development will always be reserved for the EdgeTX team.

EdgeTX team will remain neutral between all partners and will not favor one partner over other partners.

The EdgeTX team will do its best to faithfully fulfill its responsibilities in regards to the partnership agreement, however, the EdgeTX team reserves the right to decide when to support a certain feature or hardware platform based on available resources and time.

The EdgeTX team will do its best to provide high-quality, stable software for use in the R/C radios. When issues are found, the EdgeTX team will do its best to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. However, no timeline can be guaranteed for fixes. The partnered R/C radio manufacturers are encouraged to keep an open communication channel and express the impact of issues that they think are critical so that the EdgeTX team can work to address these issues appropriately. However, EdgeTX assumes no liability for any issues or damages that arise due to the use of its’ software.

Either party may choose to end their collaboration in the partnership program at any time by notifying the other partner.

If you are interested in participating in the Partnership program, please contact a member of the EdgeTX project steering committee for more information (all project steering committee members can be reached via EdgeTX Discord).