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Welcome to EdgeTX!

EdgeTX is the ultimate open-source RC transmitter firmware for RC enthusiasts.

Customize your remote control transmitter to match your unique preferences and needs with our highly adaptable platform. EdgeTX supports a wide range of RC protocols, is compatible with various transmitters from a number of manufactures and is the go-to choice in the RC hobby. Join our passionate community to help shape the future of RC control systems.

For more information about EdgeTX, check out the About EdgeTX page.

What's new

February 27th, 2024

UBX Protocol Developer Contest

Be the first developer to add support for the UBX protocol to EdgeTX and you will win a RadioMaster TX16s Mark II Max. Contest ends after first successful submission or on 30 September 2024. Full contest details and rules can be found here:

February 13th, 2024

2024 EdgeTX Project steering committee

EdgeTX is governed by a project steering committee (PSC) that meets regularly to discuss the project's direction and make decisions on topics that affect the project. The PSC was initially formed by project contributors appointed by the project's founder. When it was created, it was agreed that the PSC members would be elected every year.

On January 14th 2024, elections were held in accordance with the project bylaws and as a result, the following people were voted to be the on PSC for 2024:

Raphael Coeffic (pafleraf) - Re-elected
Robert Janiszewski (JimB40) - Re-elected
Peter Feerick (pfeerick) - Re-elected
Risto Kõiva (Risto) – Re-elected
Richard Li (Richard Li) – Re-elected
Phil Eville (EZRipFPV) – Re-elected
Malte Langermann (Malte) – Re-elected

On February 11th, 2024, the PSC met, and Raphael Coeffic was voted Committee Chair for 2024.

See the EdgeTX project bylaws page for more information about the EdgeTX PSC.

February 13th 2024

EdgeTX v2.9.4 is now live!

If you had issues with Frsky D-based telemetry sensors suddenly being 10x higher in value in 2.9.3, this is for you. This also affected RF protocols such as OMP which use Frsky D telemetry. DSMX/LemonRX telemetry sensors were also tamed down a bit, with sensors not connected/sending data omitted from discovery.

For more information about what has changed, take a look at the release notes.

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