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Frequently Asked Questions

Will development for OpenTX stop?

No, there are no plans to stop developing OpenTX. Select features from EdgeTX will also be added to OpenTX in the future as decided by the OpenTX development team.

How do I install EdgeTX firmware?

Detailed instructions for flashing the EdgeTX firmware can be found here: https://github.com/EdgeTX/edgetx.github.io/wiki/EdgeTX-Installation-Guide

Will the EdgeTX releases be just beta releases for Open TX or will they be tested and stable for everyday use?

The EdgeTX releases will be tested and considered stable for everyday use. However, as these releases will occur at regular intervals, they may not reach the level of maturity that OpenTX main releases achieve. We will try our very best to make sure that the software you install on your TX is working and stable. However, issues could get missed in testing and make it into the release. We hope that this is a rarity.

Will I still be able to use OpenTX Companion to manage my models with EdgeTX?

No, to manage models in EdgeTX you will need to use EdgeTX Companion. Get it from EdgeTX GitHub

What radio-transmitters are supported?

Does EdgeTX support support ExpressLRS?

Yes, EdgeTX supports the CRSF protocol which is used by ExpressLRS.

What are the benefits of EdgeTX?

One of the main benefits of EdgeTX is touch support for touch-enabled radios. However, we do not feel that is the only benefit that EdgeTX provides. Another benefit that we feel is important to note is the rapid development pace for new features, improvements, and bug fixing. Also, we strive to keep open communication with the community and maintain transparency in how we manage the development of the software.

Does EdgeTX support CRSFv3?

No, EdgeTX does not support CRSFv3. It will be supported it in the future.

Does EdgeTX still have the model wizards?

Yes, the model wizards are still included included in EdgeTX. However, they no longer start automatically and must be started manually. The location of the wizards has been changed to SD Card -> Scripts->Wizard.