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About EdgeTX

What is EdgeTX?

EdgeTX is the cutting edge of OpenTX. It is the place where innovative ideas and cutting-edge features are developed and field-tested by the enthusiasts of our hobby.

Who is the EdgeTX team?

We all are! The devs for EdgeTX are not the only ones with good ideas. The everyday users understand which features we need to make the software better and which features need to be changed. We need your feedback and ideas to make EdgeTX an awesome user experience.


EdgeTX is a community project – ideas from the community, developed by the community, and enjoyed by the community! The community will always have a say in what EdgeTX is and what EdgeTX will be in the future. Without community feedback and involvement EdgeTX cannot exist.


If you would like to support the project financially, we have a donation system setup at Open Collective. So if you want to help out to run the planned future online-build system and help devs purchase hardware (e.g. radio systems & development equipment) you can set-up a regular donation, or send an one-time donation via the following link: https://opencollective.com/edgetx/donate

The usage of the money will be reported at OpenCollective and will be transparent to all to see where the money is flowing. This is a distinguishing feature of present bigger R/C radio open-source software projects and was from the beginning crucial for the EdgeTX project steering members.

You can also contribute to EdgeTX in other ways. We need developers as well as everyday users to help with development, testing, issue reporting, documentation, or simply spreading the word. We really appreciate any assistance we get. See the EdgeTX recruiting page for more information.

Project Management

For more information about how the EdgeTX project is managed, see our project bylaws page.

Have questions?

Review our FAQ.

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